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Supply chain risks are minimal, as our supply chain only consists of the following:

  • Loss of main electricity supply to our offices and therefore our servers.  This is possible, but then we have a UPS backup, so manageable for short periods without electricity.

  • Loss of internet connectivity due to the providers suffering extreme weather events.  We have two pipes into our office and two providers.

  • Loss of access to financial systems.  If the main banking system failed, then this would be a problem beyond our ability to fix and payments would be delayed until the problems might be rectified.

  • Access to the office in Wellington.  As we are on the 6th floor in a CBD building, our risk of flooding is probably non-existent.  The building is rated at 190% of code in terms of earthquake strength and therefore we are comfortable on that element also.  Most of our staff presently walk to work, so disruption to Wellington transport systems is not a factor we need to be concerned about.

  • Loss of access to our servers (we are a Software As A Service provider) is not going to happen as we host our own servers in our office and we have a backup offsite.  We also run three servers all virtualised to one another – all with mirrored hard drives.  It means we have six copies of the database at all times.

  • Hacking of systems.  We have been Penetration tested and found to be secure.  We maintain two external facing firewalls, one running a Microsoft operating system, the other on a Linux platform.  We also have a Sophos Endpoint internal firewall that can shut down and isolate any single machine that becomes compromised without affecting the rest of the network.  We also run anti-virus and malware Sophos software that is updated at least twice a day.

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