Geoff Bennett Energy TS energy management services CEO
Geoff Bennett
Chief Executive, director and shareholder



Geoff is one of the co-founders of CarbonEES and the architect behind its world-leading e-Bench® software. An electrical engineer by training, Geoff ran a successful facilities management consultancy in the United Kingdom before returning to New Zealand to establish CarbonEES in 2000. Geoff has been a board member of the Energy Management Association of New Zealand and represents New Zealand on the World Energy Council Subcommittee for Markets and Risk Management.

Stuart Brooker Energy TS energy management services Chair
Stuart Brooker
Chair and shareholder



Stuart brings a depth of business management expertise to CarbonEES and ensures the business meets all its financial and social obligations. The former CEO of international legal publishing company Brookers, Stuart is involved in a number of small and medium enterprises alongside his role of Chair. He has been with CarbonEES since 2005 when he acquired a shareholding from co-founder Armour Mitchell.

Dennis Rowe Energy TS energy management services Director
Dennis Rowe
Director and shareholder



An experienced business mentor and coach, with involvement in a range of start-ups, Dennis has a background in IT, including as CEO of computing services company CCL Group. Like Stuart, Dennis has been with CarbonEES since 2005 when he acquired a shareholding from co-founder Armour Mitchell.

Iain Matcham Energy TS energy management services e-Bench expert
Iain Matcham 
Director, shareholder and
e-Bench® lead developer



A shareholder since 2010, Iain has been involved with CarbonEES since 2001 as a lead developer of its e-Bench® software. Iain runs his own specialised IT company, Jumbletree, which designs science and engineering information systems. He has a background in geographic information systems, predominantly in the science arena, including 10 years as development team leader at GNS Science.

Robb Morison Energy TS energy management services e-Bench manager
Robb Morison
Client data and report manager



Robb is responsible for managing the interface between e-Bench® and our clients and retailers, ensuring data is provided efficiently and accurately and that clients can get value out of e-Bench®. He joined CarbonEES in 2003 after many years working as a mechanic.

Pat Wall
Relationship manager



Pat is responsible for maintaining relationships with our clientele as well as well as assisting to create solutions for them that lead to greater energy/financial savings. He has a BAppSci in Energy Management with a minor in Environmental Management from Otago University and a BEngTech Power/Electrical Engineering from Otago Polytech. If you have any questions, need help and advice in finding extra savings or in justifying a project, Pat is your first point of contact. Prior to entering the energy sector Pat worked in Telecoms/IT. Pat has been with CarbonEES since mid 2017.

Kathryn 2019 Nov.jpg
Kathryn Wright
Administration and accounts



Kathryn joined the CarbonEES team in 2014, after an earlier career as an industrial chemist and more recently as a commercial and residential property manager. Kathryn is responsible for the smooth running of the administrative and accounting elements of the business and maintaining and updating the website.

George Nov 2019.jpg
George Gray
Business analyst


George joined CarbonEES in October 2017 and is responsible for handling energy tenders and more. George has a BAppSci in Energy Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship from Otago University. After completing his studies, he worked in the energy industry for a couple of years in the USA , and in an energy management startup as well as an energy solutions company. George has also started several of his own ventures as side projects, utilizing his entrepreneurship and marketing education. 

Brandon Nov 2019.jpg
Brandon Gloyn
Data analyst
Lexi Rosemoore
Marketing assistant



Brandon is responsible for data administration in e-Bench® and is now qualified as a Bachelor of Design with Honours. 

Lexi is responsible for helping to create and edit marketing materials, including the “blog” section of the website. She is currently studying at Victoria University towards a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Management, with a minor in Human Resources.

Cameron 2021.jpg
Cameron Spence
Data analyst



Cameron is responsible for data administration in e-Bench®, and currently studying at Victoria University of Wellington towards a Graduate Diploma in Designed Environments. He previously graduated with a Bachelor of Building Science, having interest in sustainability, architecture & project management.