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Transforming carbon, energy and utility management


Carbon and Energy Efficiency Services (CarbonEES®) is a Wellington based sustainability and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) management company, that works with clients across Aotearoa – New Zealand. Using our patented software, e-Bench®, we provide energy efficiency and sustainability management services to many high profile private and public sector organisations such as central and local government, banks, universities, and research institutes.

CarbonEES® are members of the Sustainable Business Network, Carbon and Energy Professionals, Sustainable Business Council, the New Zealand Green Building Council and are a signatory to the Climate Leaders Coalition. We are proudly carbon zero certified with Toitu carbonzero programme


As well as saving our clients money and reducing carbon emissions with our unique software products, we offer a range of services including energy and utility management consulting , energy auditing , tariff reviews , power factor analysis, energy contract procurement and carbon emission reporting.


CarbonEES® was established in Wellington, New Zealand in 2000 by Geoff Bennett and the late Armour Mitchell. Today we remain proudly owned and operated by our directors who, with their specialist team, support operations across New Zealand.

Get in touch today to discuss how CarbonEES® can help your business towards zero carbon.


To lead by example in a carbon constrained world and towards Zero Carbon. 

To act as a socially minded business and to promote sustainability and the general well-being of society in general.

To contribute to the education of others and to walk the talk in terms of being a model employer and corporate citizen.


Geoff Bennett - CarbonEES
Geoff Bennett
Chief Executive, director and shareholder



Geoff is one of the co-founders of CarbonEES® and the architect behind its world-leading e-Bench® software. An electrical engineer by training, Geoff ran a successful facilities management consultancy in the United Kingdom before returning to New Zealand to establish CarbonEES® in 2000. Geoff has been a board member of the Energy Management Association of New Zealand and represents New Zealand on the World Energy Council Subcommittee for Markets and Risk Management.


Stuart Brooker - CarbonEES
Stuart Brooker
Chair and shareholder



Stuart brings a depth of business management expertise to CarbonEES® and ensures the business meets all its financial and social obligations. The former CEO of international legal publishing company Brookers, Stuart is involved in a number of small and medium enterprises alongside his role of Chair. He has been with CarbonEES® since 2005 when he acquired a shareholding from co-founder Armour Mitchell.

Dennis Rowe  - CarbonEES
Dennis Rowe
Director and shareholder



An experienced business mentor and coach, with involvement in a range of start-ups, Dennis has a background in IT, including as CEO of computing services company CCL Group. Like Stuart, Dennis has been with CarbonEES® since 2005 when he acquired a shareholding from co-founder Armour Mitchell.

Iain Matcham  - CarbonEES
Iain Matcham 
Director, shareholder and
e-Bench® lead developer



A shareholder since 2010, Iain has been involved with CarbonEES® since 2001 as a lead developer of its e-Bench® software. Iain runs his own specialised IT company, Jumbletree, which designs science and engineering information systems. He has a background in geographic information systems, predominantly in the science arena, including 10 years as development team leader at GNS Science.

Robb Morison  - CarbonEES
Robb Morison
Client data and report manager



Robb is responsible for managing the interface between e-Bench® and our clients and retailers, ensuring data is provided efficiently and accurately and that clients can get value out of e-Bench®. He joined CarbonEES® in 2003 after many years working as a mechanic.


Don MacKenzie  - CarbonEES
Don MacKenzie
Sustainability and business operations manager



After working as a Data Analyst and Business Analyst for CarbonEES, Don is now responsible for helping clients with developing carbon inventories, setting emissions reduction targets, and with projecting future emissions. Prior to CarbonEES, Don worked as a renewable energy research assistant at Te Herenga Waka. Don joined CarbonEES in early 2022.


Jenifer Harlow  - CarbonEES
Jenifer Harlow
Office manager



Jenifer is responsible for the smooth running of the administrative and accounting elements of the business and maintaining and updating the website. Jenifer has over twenty years’ experience in finance and administration together with a background in communication arts and graphic design. Jenifer joined CarbonEES® in early 2023.


Rob Henderson - CarbonEES
Rob Henderson
Relationship manager



Rob is a client solution-focused, strategic thinking, problem solver with a passion for sustainability, who identifies and responds to opportunities, while building and maintaining the win-win client and team relationships necessary for success. Rob joined CarbonEES is 2023 with experience working in local governance, ESG investment, digital marketing and tourism. 


Andrew Duncan
Andrew Duncan
Marketing manager

Andrew joined CarbonEES® in 2023 as marketing manager. He brings a wealth of experience in sales, content marketing and sustainability education. 


Charleen Bai-Ngan - CarbonEES
Charleen Bai-Ngan
Data administrator



Charleen is responsible for data administration support in undertaking Carbon Inventories. She is studying a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Accounting and Taxation. Charleen joined CarbonEES® in 2022 whilst completing her studies at Victoria University of Wellington.

Mehara Salpadoru
Sustainability analyst



Mehara joined CarbonEES in 2024 after finishing a Bachelor of Science in Energy Science and Technology at The University of Otago. She worked on New Zealand’s 2023 Greenhouse Gas Inventory at the Ministry for Primary Industries prior to starting at CarbonEES. Mehara is responsible for compiling inventories and developing decarbonization plans for clients.


We are committed to sustainability and have affiliations or association with these like-minded organisations :


Toitū Envirocare, which are a wholly owned subsidiary of Landcare Research, are the proprietors of the highly regarded environmentally positive programmes Toitū carbonzero, Toitū carbonreduce and Toitū enviromark

CEP New logo 2019

CEP supports its members through a range of activities that raise skills, knowledge and competence in energy management. The CEP EnergyMasters accreditation scheme recognises individuals who have met competency requirements in their relevant technical disciplines such as Energy Auditing, Process Heat, Compressed Air, Refrigeration, Pumping and Fan Systems, and Commercial Building Lighting and HVAC.

EECA Business logo

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) promote energy efficiency, energy conservation and the use of energy from renewable sources. Their role is to make sure we make the most of our resources, hence our name - Te Tari Tiaki Pūngao, The Office That Guards The Energy.


The Sustainable Business Council is a CEO led group of companies that catalyses the New Zealand business community to have a leading role in creating a sustainable future for business, society and the environment.

NZGBC_2022-23 Member Logo_RGB

The New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) is a not-for-profit, industry organisation dedicated to accelerating the development and adoption of market-based green building practices.


The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) provides advice and support to help business succeed through becoming more sustainable. Wherever you are on your journey to more resilient, socially and environmentally responsible profit, SBN can help. SBN helps its members collaborate and learn; profile stories and connect; and access practical support.

Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research

Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research are one of New Zealand’s Crown research institutes with a core purpose of driving innovation in the terrestrial biodiversity and land resources.  Their core responsibilities include the improving the measurement and mitigation of greenhouse gases from the terrestrial biosphere and assisting New Zealand industries and organisations to develop within environmental limits and meet market and community requirements.


Gridspy offer an affordable and effective solution for electricity sub-metering requirements that actually works.  New Zealand developed, Gridspy is a complete solution providing the monitoring devices, with interval data down to 1 second and the software dashboard where it can be observed and data that can be integrated into other systems such as e-Bench®


ecoPortal is an integrated sustainability software system that is very people focussed.  Whilst it does provide energy & sustainability management reporting, it also offers risk & compliance, health & safety, quality, corporate social responsibility, consent management and corporate social responsibility.  e-Bench® manages Big data and integrates with ecoPortal to provide a full suite of reports.


The members of the Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association Inc (TEFMA) provide vital strategic and operational infrastructure and services in support of tertiary education in the Australasian region. Drawing on the support and activities provided by TEFMA, members add real value enhancing the teaching, learning, research and community service outcomes of their institutions.


Jumbletree is our leading e-Bench® software development company.  These guys and gals are responsible for the look and feel of e-Bench®.  We wouldn’t have the leading software system we have, without their valued input and work behind the scenes.

Climate Leaders Coalition - Small CMYK 2

The Climate Leaders Coalition was launched in July 2018 to promote business leadership and collective action on the issue of climate change.

Water Outlook 2022

WaterOutlook and CarbonEES® now have  a Heads of Agreement.  Detailed process data captured by WaterOutlook can be easily rolled up and integrated into the benchmarking and reporting framework provided by e-Bench®. This spans across energy and water efficiency measures as well as accounting for CO2e and equivalents from wastewater treatment.
Please get in touch to learn more about how the two products can drive additional value together.


Supply chain risks are minimal, as our supply chain only consists of the following:

  • Loss of main electricity supply to our offices and therefore our servers.  This is possible, but then we have a UPS backup, so manageable for short periods without electricity.

  • Loss of internet connectivity due to the providers suffering extreme weather events.  We have two pipes into our office and two providers.

  • Loss of access to financial systems.  If the main banking system failed, then this would be a problem beyond our ability to fix and payments would be delayed until the problems might be rectified.

  • Access to the office in Wellington.  As we are on the 6th floor in a CBD building, our risk of flooding is probably non-existent.  The building is rated at 190% of code in terms of earthquake strength and therefore we are comfortable on that element also.  Most of our staff presently walk to work, so disruption to Wellington transport systems is not a factor we need to be concerned about.

  • Loss of access to our servers (we are a Software As A Service provider) is not going to happen as we host our own servers in our office and we have a backup offsite.  We also run three servers all virtualised to one another – all with mirrored hard drives.  It means we have six copies of the database at all times.

  • Hacking of systems.  We have been Penetration tested and found to be secure.  We maintain two external facing firewalls, one running a Microsoft operating system, the other on a Linux platform.  We also have a Sophos Endpoint internal firewall that can shut down and isolate any single machine that becomes compromised without affecting the rest of the network.  We also run anti-virus and malware Sophos software that is updated at least twice a day.

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