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Having an appreciation of how well assets and facilities might be performing is a critical stage of any energy management plan. CarbonEES® has a strong track record in undertaking Level One and Level Two Energy Audits (L1EA and L2EA) in accordance with AS/NZS 3598:2000.

We recommend that if an organisation has never before engaged in any methodical energy management programme that a L1EA, or as EECA call it, a Scoping Study, is the first type of audit. What this produces is a snap shot of how well assets and facilities are performing compared to average and best practice guidelines, with the potential savings in kWh and dollars listed in the ensuing report. It is the business case behind taking further action.

We have found that this stage to be critical in obtaining the buy-in of the various professionals within an organisation that may have more a day to day or operational focus than a strategic one. For these individuals it is often the first time they have the opportunity to appreciate just how efficient or inefficient their portfolio of assets and facilities might be performing and how they might compare to those in other comparable organisations.

The L1EA is almost certain to identify opportunities that will require additional research and exploration before the appropriate remedial action can be taken to deliver the envisaged savings.

The rational behind initiating a sequenced approach to undertaking the audits, is so the more detailed Level Two Energy Audit (L2EA) is employed only when where the business case might justify it. As after all, there is no sense to undertaking a L2EA on an asset or facility that is already reasonably efficient.


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