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Carbon Management is a Journey

Ready to make positive change?

At CarbonEES, you have found a carbon management partner that can assist you every step of the way along your journey.


We have been helping organisations reduce their emissions for 20+ years and know the process inside out.

CarbonEES Carbon Journey
Measuring your current carbon footprint

We help you navigate the world of carbon standards to determine what reporting requirements apply to your business and help you fulfill them. Then, we help you prepare your carbon inventory accurately, efficiently and with all the support you require. Including data entry, chasing suppliers for information and audit preparation.

Planning your carbon reduction pathway

We bring all our experience and knowledge to serve your organisation and help you…

  • Identify emission reduction opportunities.

  • Formulate an emissions reduction plan.

  • Forecast emissions reductions from any proposed projects.

  • Calculate emission reduction targets against your baseline year.

  • Prepare emissions reduction target reports following the Science Based targets Initiative’s (SBTi) Corporate Manual and in accordance with the criteria set in SBTi Criteria and Recommendations for Near-Term Targets.

After setting an emissions reduction target, CarbonEES® can incorporate this target into our e-Bench® software system, with automatic reporting to help your organisation track and monitor emissions reductions between Greenhouse Gas Inventories.

Positive change with real returns

Once you have reduction targets in place, you need to secure the investment necessary to bring about positive change. If you have a business case that shows climate positive decisions will positively impact your organisation’s bottom line, then it’s easier to get approval from leaders and stakeholders to go ahead.

We have market leading tools, including e-Calc, to help you determine which decisions will create maximum impact both environmentally and financially.

Ready to learn more?

Get in touch with our team today and learn why CarbonEES is the only carbon management partner you need.

Carbon dashboard
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