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New Zealand’s leading energy management consultants


From developing energy and utility management plans and helping clients

track, reduce and report their carbon emissions to undertaking energy audits 

and running energy contract tenders, CarbonEES® has the skills, expertise and

knowledge to deliver results.


We offer a full range of energy management consulting services that are

suitable for all types of organisations – from those who have never tracked

their energy and utility use or taken energy saving steps, to those with

comprehensive energy and sustainability programmes in place.


Our services are designed to stand alone or complement our leading-edge energy and sustainability management software platforms, e-Bench® and e-Calc™, depending on the individual needs of each client.


CarbonEES® has been providing energy saving and sustainability expertise to clients for more than 15 years. Our clients have added significant value to their business through:

  • obtaining competitive delivered energy and utility costs to their site or sites

  • better managing their utility accounts, often through e-Bench®

  • better managing energy and utility usage on site through monitoring and targeting programmes, further reducing delivered energy costs 

  • improved energy efficiency and lower production costs as a result of implementing cost effective recommendations from energy and utility management programmes

  • reduced energy consumption

  • increased engagement from staff and an appreciation that the organisation cares for the environment

  • higher staff productivity and lower rates of churn

  • enhanced reputation in the market and with key stakeholders

  • improved competitiveness in the market place

  • higher company margins and hence profits.


If you're involved in making energy, utility or sustainability decisions in your organisation, get in touch with the CarbonEES® team today.


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