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e-Bench® : Energy Management Software

e-Bench: Energy Management Software | Cost Monitoring & Usage Dashboard

Reduce your energy use and carbon emissions


CarbonEES®’s powerful energy and utility management cloud platform e-Bench® will track and benchmark the total energy and carbon emission performance of any building, making management faster and easier. 


An impressive range of functionality – including targeting and monitoring , invoice reconciliation, management reporting, carbon emission tracking and reporting, continuous commissioning, benchmarking and simulation – in a single integrated software system makes e-Bench® internationally unique.

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What e-Bench® monitors

e-Bench® can monitor all types of energy and carbon emissions data, including electricity, reticulated gas, water, diesel, gasoline, steam, LPG, medical gases, coal, biomass, solar, photovoltaics, waste and vehicles. You can capture energy data directly from your suppliers, such as energy consumption, hours used, occupant numbers, heating and cooling degree days, sunlight hours, construction and materials. 


e-Bench® benchmarks your energy usage and carbon emissions against KPI’s, letting you verify how successful energy efficiency and utility management measures have been and identify where you can make new improvements. 


Identify issues early and make informed decisions

e-Bench® will help you identify issues early and easily – by appliance, floor or building – and make informed decisions to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. Receive automatic alerts when usage is higher than expected and get recommendations from the CarbonEES® team, so you can set a new course of action.


Insight and expertise

e-Bench® automatically aggregates your data into easy to analyse and meaningful reports that anyone in your organisation can understand. With all your information online in one place, there’s no need to manage multiple spreadsheets, reports or invoices.


As well as saving you time and money, the CarbonEES® team will be on hand as your expert energy guides, providing local insights and support to suit your needs. 


e-Bench® is equipped with very advanced energy and utility reporting capabilities.  As after all having the data is one thing, having the ability to interpret it and be able to base management decisions on it, is another.

"I use e-Bench® almost daily in managing Wellington City Council’s 500+ energy accounts.  e-Bench® presents gas and electricity consumption and cost clearly, with the ability to overlay important environmental factors affecting energy use."

Sandy Winterton,

Energy Manager- Property,

Wellington City Council

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