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e-Bench® provides a comprehensive invoice verification and reconciliation system to ensure that all invoices are accurate and a client is not either over or under charged.

Many meters are still being read manually.  As with any process or application where there is human input, so there is the opportunity for error.

e-Bench® is configured to check all invoice data to verify if the information on the invoice can be regarded as accurate.  It does this in two ways:

  • Checks to ensure the correct tariffs have been applied, i.e. cents per kWh and other levies such as taxes.

  • Checks to ensure if the consumption levels are within the bounds of what might be expected for that particular month.  e-Bench® achieves this by comparing the same month of the previous year and then seeing if the consumption levels are within a certain percentage of that earlier period.  Please note this percentage can be varied by the user from 5% to 100% or by an absolute amount.


invoice reconcilliation.jpg

If problems are detected, e-Bench® sends exception reports to whoever is designated as the recipient of these alerts (in most cases CarbonEES®), so they can be investigated.  The advantage of this intelligent processing is that errors are picked up as they occur and can be managed accordingly.

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