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Carbon Accounting is What We Do

Are you looking for help preparing your Greenhouse Gas Inventory?


At CarbonEES, we help you prepare your carbon inventory accurately, efficiently and with all the support you require. Including data entry, chasing suppliers for information and audit preparation. Start to finish, we are there.

This service involves the creation of an organisational Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Greenhouse Gas Inventory Reports in accordance with the GHG Protocol and ISO14064-1 (the international standards for GHG accounting & verification).

From setting organisation boundaries, to calculating tougher emissions sources such as wastewater treatment and employee commuting, CarbonEES® can build your inventory for you, freeing up staff hours at your organisation.

CarbonEES® will then use our e-Bench® software to manage the data for your GHG Inventory. This can save your organisation time that would otherwise be spent requesting data from suppliers and checking for anomalies within the data (such as reversals, estimated reads and mismatched reporting periods). We regularly secure significant energy cost savings for our clients through our experience of knowing what to look for in invoices and data feeds from suppliers.

Never go through an audit alone…

During your Greenhouse Gas Inventory Verification (audit) process, we help by preparing and sorting data in a way that is easy to navigate for auditors, and by being on call during audit days to answer questions regarding the data.

Trusted by organisations that value accurate data with expert, on-call support.

CarbonEES® have calculated organisational greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories for a variety of clients, including city councils, banks, crown research institutes, district councils, regional councils and government.

Working with the team at CarbonEES® to complete your GHG inventory will allow your organisation accurately and transparently disclose its GHG emissions and how they are quantified, freeing up time for staff to focus on forming climate policy and actioning meaningful change within your organisation.

Keen to see examples?

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Ready to find out more?

Get in touch with our team today. We can answer any questions you may have and offer a proposal specific to your organisational requirements.

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