e-Bench® is equipped with very advanced energy and utility reporting capabilities.  As after all having the data is one thing, having the ability to interpret it and be able to base management decisions on it, is another.

By using meter and site groups, reports can be created to only include the sites or meters that you require. This can be helpful when scheduling reports to go to different managers. On top of this, it is possible to report based on energy type, meter type and time period. The flexibility in reporting on e-Bench® allows its users to have full control over its data, and report in whichever way is deemed more efficient.

A number of different reports are available, each able to be tailored to suit your needs. Reporting is available for CO2e, consumption or dollars, over any time period in PDF, .csv & .xlsx formats. These reports can be customised to include only certain sites, meters or customised groupings.

Energy Reporting Software | Utility Cost Management

The Invoice Monthly Summary  can be personalised to the users requirements.

Benchmarking reports using relevant data are also readily available.

Reports can be emailed automatically to any email, at a specified time. This can useful for sending reports to appropriate managers monthly to maintain a an active information flow.