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KNZB Clean-Up Week - our clean-up

We got the t-shirts, bags and gloves, and today we set out to clean up the area outside our offices. Took us an hour, but see how much we got!!!

Unbelievable how much rubbish is hiding (or not!) around us.

Thanks to all who helped us, too...

Some comments:

Brandon: "I don't often get fired up about things but after spending the morning cleaning up the side of the motorway shrubbery makes you realise how much we abuse our environment."

Dan: "Today I got a shock. It is absolutely appalling the number of purposely hidden items we found during our clean up. Finding a vacuum and some pots and pans, hidden under some leaves really hit home how little some people care for our environment.

Today was a glimpse into how some kiwis treat New Zealand and, although upsetting, it only drives me further towards trying to make New Zealand a better place. "

Robb: "Clean & green, hard to imagine with this little area we cleaned up. Felt good to be part of it, a real team spirit present on our voyage of rubbish discovery!"

We are planning on doing this again next year.

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