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Recently, the Energy TS team did a bit of volunteer work for Wellington Parks.

Since Energy TS works in the carbon space, we thought it might be good to do a bit of tree planting in order to sequester carbon and improve the environment. Being that many of us in the office are also mountain bikers, we thought that it might be fun if we helped out a bit at the Makara Peak mountain bike park and recreation area in Karori.

So on a drizzly and grey Tuesday morning, instead of going into the office, we went bush. We planted about 60 trees, shoveled a lot of gravel, and did a bit of trail maintenance as well. It was quite a fun day and we even got the chance to try the latest in EV technology. Yes, that's right, we got to use an electric wheelbarrow!

We highly recommend corporate volunteering to plant trees because it is not only a fun day away from the office, it's good for team-building and it is also good for the planet!

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