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KNZB Clean-up week...again

A chilly 9 degC south easterly could not cool our enthusiasm to help once again with the KNZB Clean-up Week this year. Recalling a few things from last years cleanup, we gloved up and wrapped up warmly before heading out to clean up the grounds near our offices this morning. We had anticipated that after last years clean up, there would be less rubbish in the area, and to a degree we were right, but it left us with time to expand our clean up area.

With some much appreciated assistance from our friends Chris and Rory at Insight Consultants (who work near us in our building) and about 2 hours work, we managed to fill about 21 bags of rubbish, including 5 of recycling (bottles mostly). Some of us even worked up a sweat! Thanks to Carlos at Wellington CC for his help with rubbish/recycling disposal.

Some interesting finds were the needles and drug paraphernalia!, a box of dvds, a couple of bags of textbooks, about a thousand orange zinc sunblock tubes (a box full), an unopened can of Jim Beam & cola, and even some cash.

We realise we didn't really even get close to removing all the rubbish in the area so we plan to do another cleanup of an even larger area before the Clean-up week next year. Let us know if you are keen to help.

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