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Helping the penguins on Matiu Somes Island

Yesterday the Carbon EMS team took the ferry to Matiu Somes Island to do some volunteer work with the Conservation Volunteers.

Carbon EMS have sponsored a programme with the Little Blue Penguins, and this was our first day of working in this area.

It was an incredibly calm day and on the ferry, half way to the island, we started seeing Little Blue Penguins swimming in the harbour near the boat. We must have seen about 20. A great start to the day.

We were treated to a very informing and interesting talk on the penguins from Mike Rumble, an expert on these, once we were on Matiu. A quick bite to eat then into the work, helping with the nursery and other areas on the island.

Time flew... and it wasn't long before we had to leave to catch the last ferry back to Wellington.

Thanks to Geoff from DOC and Natalie from Conservation Volunteers, and Mike Rumble, for a great day.

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