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Unlock Emissions Reduction with Energy and Sustainability Teams Working Together

It’s all too common that we find organisations have separate teams for sustainability (including carbon reporting) and energy management. These teams rarely collaborate. This presents an enormous opportunity for improvement.

One of the reasons for this lack of collaboration appears to be that in its infancy, carbon reporting has been largely a box-ticking exercise. The information hasn’t necessarily been used to inform a wider organisational strategy, so there is no need for highly detailed emissions data. A greenhouse gas inventory with spend-based emissions figures largely generated form your financial ledger system is fit for purpose if you aren’t trying to deeply understand your business and discover where improvements can be made.

However, if you want to improve energy efficiency, and thereby reduce energy costs while also reducing emissions, knowing how much you have spent on energy just isn’t enough. You need to know where it’s going, which sites are using the most, how that compares to common benchmarks, how demand is changing over time, whether you are getting charged correctly, whether you are with the right provider, and if you have the right mix of meter types.

Why energy efficiency is so hot right now

At least 124 countries at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai backed a pledge to improve energy efficiency rates by 4% each year until 2030, doubling the rate seen in 2022.

While that might not sound like a lot, doubling the global average efficiency rate could provide half of all necessary emissions reductions in 2030, according to the IEA's Net Zero Roadmap.

Meanwhile, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has called efficiency the "first fuel" of the energy transition and one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Simply put, improving energy efficiency is seen globally as one of the cheapest and most immediate ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels, while also lowering energy bills.

On top of all that, the actions you can take to improve energy efficiency often don’t require significant initial expenditure, can be implemented quickly, and produce immediate cost reductions.

Why spend when you can save!

Energy + Sustainability: let your powers combine!

Your energy team can help your carbon / sustainability team drill down and understand individual assets managed by your business, so figures in your greenhouse gas inventory become buildings, machinery and services with genuine problems and real solutions.

This collaboration, especially when expanded to include your finance team, can help inform your decarbonisation strategy and allow you to prioritise practical changes which are timely, affordable and more likely to result in genuine emissions reductions and energy cost savings.

When it comes to prioritising decarbonisation strategies, secure the easy wins first. Target energy efficiency first to unlock financially viable emissions reduction opportunities that pay for themselves.



How CarbonEES can help

It all starts with our carbon, energy & utility management Software as a Service (SaaS) system, e-Bench®.

Having a system like e-Bench® allows you to track and analyze your energy usage right down to the individual meter level. As a result, you can locate inefficient equipment, highlight billing mistakes, and discover straight-forward, financially viable decarbonisation opportunities.

At the same time, you’ll be installing a system that can track all your emissions sources in one place, including energy. When it comes time to prepare your greenhouse gas inventory, your team won’t have to spend days or weeks scrounging around for data and collating that information into a usable form.

Key reasons our customers choose e-Bench®:

-          Unlimited phone support and online one-on-one training business hours.

-          Unlimited users, electricity meters and data streams.

-          Automated reporting.

-          Agile development team able to make custom changes when needed.

-          Automated data loading with price anomaly alerts.

We offer a fully managed service sourcing data direct from your suppliers. We even look out for discrepancies in your billing, freeing up your time to focus on driving positive change inside your organisation.

The other aspect our clients find helpful is that we offer a one-stop shop, with in-house capability for completing greenhouse gas inventories, including on-call support through the audit process. We can also help with emissions reduction planning and energy audits. We support you as your requirements change throughout your energy + carbon journey.

Pricing is scalable and designed to work for both small and large organisations.

Our current clients include Parliamentary Services, financial institutions, crown research institutes, tertiary education providers, publicly listed companies, industry bodies and a significant number of local authorities and we would love to help you, too!

Get in touch with our team to talk about your requirements and request a proposal.


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