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Where are you on the Carbon Journey?


The Carbon Journey model (Figure 1) provides a guide for your organisation to understand where you are now and where you could be in future, to achieve meaningful and effective climate action.

CarbonEES® can assist you through each stage of the process, usually beginning with the implementation of our industry leading energy efficiency and carbon management software, e-Bench®.

Figure 1: The Carbon Journey

Initial Phase

During the initial phase of your Carbon Journey, CarbonEES® will assess and consult on how deeply embedded climate action is within the governance of your organisation, allowing for informed budgeting and resourcing decisions.

We can offer expertise and advice on:

  • Statement of intent and policies for undertaking effective climate action.

  • Organisational structure and an assessment of how climate action influences each business unit and roles and resourcing throughout the organisation.

  • Policies and high-level strategies surrounding climate action.

As your guide throughout this journey, we can help you navigate the world of carbon standards to determine what requirements apply to your business and help you fulfill them.

Carbon Footprinting stage

During the Carbon Footprinting stage, CarbonEES® can assist in the measurement of

your carbon emissions by:

  • Using e-Bench® to help collate, measure, and monitor energy consumption and carbon emissions.

  • Using the data exports out of e-Bench® and engaging with your suppliers directly to help your calculate your organisation's GHG Inventory.

  • Assisting during the verification and GHG Inventory audits by liaising directly with your staff and being present during audit meetings.

We help you prepare your carbon inventory accurately, efficiently and with all the support you require. Including data entry, chasing suppliers for information and audit preparation. Start to finish, we are there.

Climate Action

After measurement and verification, CarbonEES® can assist with setting emission reductions targets, that will speak to your mission statement and values. Your team can then monitor progress toward these targets.

Once an emission reduction target has been set, CarbonEES® can assist with creating an emission reduction plan, based on the decarbonization priorities identified in the measurement and target setting phases.

Tracking and Communication

  • You can monitor progress toward your emission reduction targets using our e-Bench® software.

  • CarbonEES® provide full training and support for onboarding and ongoing use of e-Bench® and are only ever a phone call away when support is needed.

Ready to take the next step?

Contact our team today to get started.


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