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Sustainable Business Council interviews Don MacKenzie

The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) recently interviewed our Sustainability and Business Operations Manager, Don MacKenzie to talk about the history of CarbonEES®, our energy and carbon management software, e-Bench®, and our plans for the future...

Topics mentioned in this video:

More about the SBC

The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) helps businesses at the forefront of sustainability to connect with each other, while supporting and inspiring members to become ambitious leaders in sustainability. If you're a sustainability professional, there are a bunch of awesome resources on their website. SBC also frequently run webinars, workshops and events to increase your knowledge in the sustainability space.

CarbonEES® have been a member of SBC since 2014, and we've greatly appreciated and benefited from the community of like-minded businesses and the platform that they have created.

CarbonEES® - Your Carbon Journey partner

When it comes to specialist areas like greenhouse gas inventories, energy audits, carbon management software and emissions reduction plans, it pays to have experts on your side who can guide you through the process. At CarbonEES®, we can provide bespoke solutions to suit your needs.

To start the process of securing a no-obligation proposal, get in touch with our team today. We can chat about your organisation and provide you with a proposal customised to your situation.


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