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CarbonEES® have been providing energy & utility management services for more than a decade and have acquired a reputation for excellence in the quality of service and for the range of innovation they bring to their projects and clients.  Indeed we strive for excellence wherever possible and approach each project as if we were the client.

CarbonEES® can fulfill the role of energy & utility manager for companies where it is not cost effective to retain a full time specialist on staff.  In fact, due to many of the strategic tasks associated with energy management such as developing energy & utility management plans, it has been found that unless the resource is dedicated to managing energy and utilities they will be often overwhelmed by operational issues.

If a company does employ an energy manager, CarbonEES® can provide assistance with expertise as required.

Clients have gained significant additional value to their business through:

  • Obtaining competitive delivered energy & utility costs to their site(s);

  • Better management of their utility accounts, especially as CarbonEES® has its own software system called e-Bench®;

  • Better management of energy & utility usage on site through monitoring and targeting programmes in conjunction with management, further reducing delivered energy costs to the site;

  • Improved energy efficiency and lower production costs as a result of implementing cost effective recommendations from energy & utility management programmes;

  • Reduced energy consumption;

  • Increased engagement from staff and an appreciation that the organisation cares for the environment;

  • Higher staff productivity and lower rates of churn;

  • Enhanced reputation in the market and with key stakeholders;

  • Improve competitiveness in market place; and

  • Higher company margins and hence profits.

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